• Promoting Local Content: Enhancing In-Country Value Along The Energy Value Chain
  • Namibia’s Onshore & Offshore Hydrocarbon Potential
  • A Promising Future: Investment Opportunities In Namibia’s Energy Sector
  • Understanding The Big Picture: Global & Africa Energy Market Outlook 2024
  • Energy Financing And Funding: Prospects And Challenges
  • Sustainable Shift: Outlook On The Renewable Energy & Energy Transition
  • Charting The Course: The Present And Future Landscape Of Namibia’s Power Sector
  • Critical Links: The Nexus Between Critical Metals And The Energy Sector
  • Status And Prospects: Nuclear Power Development In The Region
  • Advancing Exploration & Field Development: Low-Carbon Solutions
  • The Future Of Green Hydrogen: Paving The Way For Sustainable Energy
  • LNG and Gas To Power: Unveiling The Transformative Energy Landscape
  • Outlook On Downstream Petroleum Perspectives: A Global And Regional Perspective
  • Spotlight On Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, Biomass, And Hydro Developments

Networking opportunities

The upcoming conference aims to facilitate meaningful networking among energy professionals in a relaxed setting, fostering discussions and business opportunities while emphasizing responsible practices.

High Quality Networking Events

  • Welcome Reception
  • Networking Lunch Breaks
  • Refreshments Breaks
  • Gala Dinner
  • Networking Breakfast
  • Farewell Reception

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